In a 'Feynman Long Division Puzzle' each digit of a long division has been replaced by a dot or the letter A (which stands for a unique digit). None of the dots are the same as the A digit. The goal is to reconstruct the original figures (by any means necessary).

For more information visit the wikipedia article.

As an example, the original puzzle (first published in the May 1936 by W. F. Cheney, Jr):

has solution:

All care has been taken for these puzzles to be correct in the sense that they have a solution, that the solution is unique, and that the puzzle renders correctly. None of the above are however guaranteed.

I currently have no plans to publish official solutions.

You can read more about my history with these puzzles on my blog 'The Variable Man'

These puzzles are copyrighted. Please do not copy or publish without express permission.

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